ARTEC Group has over 20 years of history. Based in Hong Kong, the business has expanded to 19 subsidiaries in response to different areas, and has offices in 7 countries around the world. ARTEC has been committed to utilize technology to improve human life from cosmetics to medical supplies industry. ArtecMed is an ARTEC brand dedicated to medical development.

Artenano in the ARTEC Group has been engaged in nanotechnology and environmental technology research since 2005. Nanostructures have provide particles and material new chemical and physical properties, allowing existing raw materials to break through and having new applications. ArtecMed applies its nanotechnology to improve the quality of human life, providing expertise and products in antibacterial, indoor air and UV protection. ArtecMed products strive to bring everyone a safe and healthy life with technology.

Artenano has a laboratory in Hong Kong, which is committed to researching nano silver and nano catalyst technology and applying it to the development of nano catalytic air filters. The collaboration between Artenano and the Hong Kong Science Park has contributed to the development of local technology through research projects with universities. It also received interviews and reports from multiple medias. ArtecMed’s products are developed using Artenano’s technology.