ArtecMed Alcohol hand sanitiser 600ml


Made in Hong Kong

As a Hong Kong brand, we are proud to be “Made in HK”. We have quality reassurance upon Hong Kong production.


WHO Formulation – Kills 99.9% Bacteria

There is a huge amount of products of alcohol sanitizer in the market but rare state the level of content of alcohol. Insufficient alcohol can only inhibit bacteria growth, but fails to effectively kill them and disinfect. The WHO formula contains 80% ethanol alcohol, which is effective for disinfection. It has been confirmed again in the “Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia Diagnosis and Treatment Plan” that 75% ethanol has been able to effectively eliminate the new coronavirus COVID-19.


Hypoallergic ethanol formulation

Alcohol disinfectants divided into isopropyl alcohol(IPA) and ethanol two different category of formula.

ArteMed applys ethanol which is effective in sterilizing yet mild and safe to use. While Artemed also adds glycerin and vitamin E to reduce dry skin irritation.

The formula of isopropyl alcohol is pungent and it’s low volatility easily leads to residue and cause allergy. More importantly, it is more toxic when mistakenly intake, which is not suitable for kids use. But with the relatively low price of the raw material, many alcohol disinfectants on the market use isopropyl alcohol.


How to use: Spray the disinfectant directly on your hands or the desired surface. Cover directly with liquid mist, let it stand and let it evaporate naturally

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