ArtecMed Air Sterilizing Purifier-Car

– Nanocatalyst antibacterial filter kills of germs.

– Effectively filter out carcinogenic PM 2.5.

– Capture Formaldehyde and TVOC.

– Release anions per second, refresh your mind and body.

– Remove pollens and dust, help soothe allergic rhinitis, asthma and respiratory tract syndromes.

– Get rid of odors caused by food, sweat, smoke and petrol.

– Low wind resistance, quiet as if in sleep mode.


Coverage Area  5m³/h Car/Desktop
Dimension  84*84*220mm
N.W  380g
Power  5W
Voltage  5V
Battery  1800MAH
Using time 2 hours after charging full
CADR  5m³/h
Filters  4: Carbon/HEPA/Anion/Silver Nanocatalyst
Wind Speed  3
Noise Level  20-45dB Sleep Mode
Bluetooth Speaker Yes
Aromatherapy Yes

Air Sterilizing Purifier – Silver Nanocatalyst

Silver has long been treasured as a precious metal and has once been used to prevent infection before the invention of antibiotics. This medical value is later found to be contributed by silver ions. When silver ions come into contact with bacteria, they destroy the cell structure of the bacteria and thus inhibit replication. Meanwhile, activity and infectivity of bacteria are also suppressed, bacteria is not able to adhere and invade human cells. When bacteria is dead, silver ions will move out from bacteria and repeat the above antimicrobial process.

In current medical application, silver is added to bandages, wound-dressings and coated on medical instruments. By incorporating silver and nano-technology, silver nanoparticles are developed.

ArteMed is always striking to infuse technology into daily life. ArteMed cooperates with HKUST and Science Park, introducing the Silver Nanocatalyst Antibacterial Technology to ArteMed Air Sterilizing Purifier and 3-ply Face Mask to perfect their quality and efficiency. Nanocatalyst antibacterial filter can kinds of bacteria, creating a cleaner and fresher place for your living. The filter is washable for repeated use, absolutely environmental-friendly.

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