Q & A

It is generally recommended that the concentration of alcohol in disinfectant is 60% -80%. It is a common sense that if alcohol concentration is too low, and the effectiveness of sterilization and disinfection is limited. But the use of 90%+ concentration alcohol is also not ideal as well. It is not only alcohol will volatilize quickly, which could be difficult to cover the skin on the hands completely, but 90% alcohol also will immediately solidify the surface protein when it comes in contact with bacteria, forming a protective layer instead of breaking into its interior, and hence, cannot be effectively sterilized. The WHO recommends a formula with an ethanol concentration of 80%, and the “Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia Diagnosis and Treatment Plan”, also confirms that 75% ethanol has been effective in eliminating the new coronavirus COVID-19. There are many alcohol disinfectants on the market, but many do not indicate alcohol content, consumers need to pay attention.

Alcohol disinfectants divided into isopropyl alcohol(IPA) and ethanol two different category of formula. The effectiveness in disinfection and sterilization of both formula is similar.

The formula of isopropyl alcohol is pungent and it’s low volatility easily leads to residue and cause allergy. More importantly, it is more toxic when mistakenly intake, which is not suitable for kids use. But with the relatively low price of the raw material, many alcohol disinfectants on the market use isopropyl alcohol. Consumers need to pay attention.